When a challenge arises in an Organization, the first path to a solution should be the most effective one. For challenges in IT, we chime in and help you.

Here at SSIT Solutions, we combine a management team of superior business IT understanding with a highly qualified and fully vetted team of IT professionals. This combination provides you with a uniform approach to overcoming any challenge: understanding the challenge, planning the most effective solution, and executing efficiently in order to achieve the most successful outcome.
With an array of services provided, these are a few for which our clients turn to us:
Development and Maintenance
SSIT Solutions provides product design, development, and maintenance services for clients looking to build applications or enhance current ones. We endeavor hard to comprehend and recognize the various needs of our clients. We can serving small to mid-market and very large companies. Our success track record and partners ensure that we are a trustworthy implementing partner. We have profound experience in the technologies and our team engages in continuing education practices, staying up to date in all aspects of application development. Projects can be either implemented at our corporate office or at client sites. Our development teams consist of software programmers , technical leads, Architects, project managers, BAs, DBAs and quality testers. Our skilled teams assess and understand the needs of the clients to meet their unique requirements. Our clients are assisted through all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and implement latest methodologies including agile. We provide complete development of the application and maintenance solutions. Our methodology of development and maintenance of application ensures to deliver the projects on budget and on time so that maximum returns are received by the clients on the investment they have made.
Data Warehouse Development
We are specialized in providing analytical solutions for small business to very large companies. We evaluate the needs of each client more accurately and propose right technology to implement based on the need and size of the business. We develop complete Data Warehouse including business intelligence solutions including operational, analytical, dashboard reporting. We are experts and experiences in all industry Dimensional Models including but not limited to Kimball, Inmon, Abstract, Data Vault & Accord Models. We are having expertise in all ETL tools including but not limited to Informatica, Data Stage, Talend, Miscrosoft's SSIS, Oracle Warehouse Builder and reporting tools like Microsoft's SSRS, SSAS, MSBI , BO, Cognos, Microstrategy. We have built from a small to very large data warehouse solutions in the industry which have been showing consistent performance for about 10 plus years.
Software Development Methodology
Software Development Methodology phases :
Requirements Gathering  
Requirements Analysis  
Project Plan  
Defect Management  
Lead IT Managed Service Types
Our managed services can be used to provide support and maintenance for applications and Data Warehouse applications. Some of IT services we provide are :

  Monitoring In addition to constant monitoring, we ensure that your systems are up-to-date, healthy, and secure.
  Maintenance We perform routine maintenance and bug fixing and testing on your system, including the installation of security fixes and version updates.
  Enhancements We enhance the new functionality with out redesigning the entire system as per client request.
  Administration Administrator configuration is customized, administrative support is provided, and routine tasks typically delegated to your system administrator are resolved by our response team.
  Support We implement a ticket management and response system that guarantees rapid resolution of any system issues.